Communication, Navigation and Surveillance systems of an airport play a vital role in ensuring efficiency and safety of air operations. The construction of new facilities in the airport or the modification of the existing ones, as well as the operation of new larger aeroplanes may affect significantly the proper operation of such equipment (aerodrome radar, Instrument Landing System etc.) causing reflections and shadowing sightings on the radars and obstruct the ILS localiser and glide path signals.

In such a case specific site assessments are required in order to ensure the integrity and accuracy of the signals and therefore safety and airport capacity. These site-specific studies are based on very accurate numerical simulations, taking under consideration the airport specific characteristics (buildings, terrain, fences, ILS antenna manufacturer, operating aircraft types and movements etc).

Airport ACE has expertise in conducting thorough site surveys based on years of experience from the design and implementation of projects and numerous completed site assessments. Our subject experts and systems engineers are experienced in requirements analysis and system specifications to encompass these tasks.

Our approach to site surveys includes a complete evaluation of the site, existing equipment performance and compliance with the applicable siting requirements, future implications of facility expansion or planned buildings and conflict effect of one system on the others.

Airport ACE also carries out area surveys and equipment precision location services using WGS-84 certified personnel and state-of-the-art equipment. This service can be offered at the time of the preliminary site survey, or at the initial stages of installation of new equipment.

A comprehensive report with all needed backup information and references is then generated with an executive summary of the findings. The report also contains recommendations as well as a detailed technical assessment of the site.

Our service cover systems related to the following areas:

  • Navigation Aids
    • ILS Systems including Localiser (LLZ)
    • Glide Path (GP)
    • Distance Measurement Equipment (DME/Markers)
    • Non Directional Beacons (NDB)
    • RCMMS (Remote Control Maintenance and Monitoring Systems)
    • VOR (VHF Omnidirectional Radar)
    • DVOR (Dopler VHF Omnidirectional Radar)
    • VHF Direction Finder (VDF)

  • Air traffic control and management
    • Visual Control Rooms
    • ATC Console Suites
    • VHF/HF Radio
    • Voice Control and Communications
    • Voice Recording
    • Meteorological Systems
    • Automated Weather Observation Systems (AWOS)
    • Primary & Secondary Surveillance Radar (PSR) (SSR)
    • Surface (Ground) Movement Radar (SMR/GMR)

  • Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL)
    • Control and Monitoring Systems
    • Photometric Testing
    • Equipment Supply

  • Terminal and ramp equipment
    • Apron Floodlighting
    • Docking Guidance
    • Baggage Handling
    • Security Screening
    • Flight Information Display Systems
    • Access/ Egress Systems
    • Time Distribution
    • Public Address
    • CCTV

Contact Information

11, 2nd Merarchias, Piraeus 18535 Greece T: +30 210 4585 512 M: +30 6983 498 240 F: +30 210 4585 430 E:


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