The definition, assessment, control and removal of the obstacles into or in the vicinity of an aerodrome that penetrate critical airspace planes prescribe the establishment of a series of certain obstacle limitation surfaces for the safe conduct of airplane operations. In addition to the ICAO Annex 14 provisions, the procedures for Air Navigation Services (PANS-OPS) could enforce even stringent criteria for flight procedure design or have other operational impact that needs to be considered thoroughly by an aerodrome's authorities.

Airport ACE's core experience in the field, taking into account international and national regulations, provides for full-scale solutions spanning from the planning and design up to the construction, commissioning, inspection and certification of either existing or new infrastructure and facility of an airport or the potential land development into its boundary perimeter.

Airport ACE's diverse obstacle assessment services include:

  • Technical expert feasibility studies for the purpose of an airport's compliance with ICAO provisions for obstacle limitation surfaces, obstacle restriction and removal evaluation and/ or mitigation
  • Safety assessment for the impact of obstacles at decision heights as well as of mobile obstacles within approach and departure areas
  • Analysis of obstacle clearance and verification of compliance with regulations in the context of airport new infrastructure construction works
  • Aeronautical studies concerning construction of infrastructure within safety-critical areas
  • Planning and design, inspection and certification preparation for the installation of navigational aids and meteorological equipment into or in the vicinity of an airport,
  • Visual aids for denoting obstacles, marking and lighting of the same, objects exceeding the obstacle limitation surfaces, periodic inspection and evaluation of the obstacles situation
  • Development of Aeronautical Charts according to the specifications defined in ICAO Annex 4 and ICAO Doc 8697
  • Wind turbines' marking and lighting

Contact Information

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