The European Commission has officially published the aerodrome regulations (Commission Regulation EU No 139/2014) prepared by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). These are now in force in all EASA Member States.

For airports within the scope of the regulations these new standards will supersede the national implementation of ICAO aerodrome requirements. Until 31 December 2017 concerned Aerodromes have to "convert" existing certificates into certificates that comply with the new regulations.

Airport-ACE has been actively following the development of the new EASA regulations, while our staff has years of experience in both aerodrome operations and infrastructure. Airport-ACE is therefore able to guide airports efficiently through the certification process, as well as to provide specialised support where required (inspections, safety assessments, documentation).

Our services include:

  • Compliance checks to EASA standards
  • Consultation with the Competent Authority, responsible for the certification process and the issuance of the certification
  • Management of the compliance process to the new EASA regulations
  • Management of deviations from the Certification Specifications
  • Support/Assistance to airport operators in possible negotiations with the authorities (Competent Authority, National CAA).

    EASA Official Website

    EASA Document Library

Contact Information

11, 2nd Merarchias, Piraeus 18535 Greece T: +30 210 4585 512 M: +30 6983 498 240 F: +30 210 4585 430 E:


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