Project Management is designed to provide strategic management responsibility for delivering a project to the client's requirements. Airport-ACE ensures that the project is properly planned, phased, executed and budgeted. We manage and monitor the implementation of the project, including organisation of the resources and consultants required.

Airport-ACE possesses extensive experience in project management, time and cost management, scheduling and monitoring. It brings aviation know-how to project management and can thus provide realistic evaluations of process times, structures, procedural methods, etc. Consequently Airport-ACE can prevent cost-intensive procedures through proven, technically innovative approaches and enhance project management with its legal know-how.

Whatever the size of the project, we take the same diligent, detailed and robust approach. This involves getting close to the client. Airport-ACE's Project Manager becomes part of the client's team to ensure that the project process remains in the client's control and is managed to achieve his goals. Our clients see us as their partners and not just their consultants. Moreover, our skill is to take a confused situation and bring it into sharp focus. Once it is clearly defined the way forward is usually clearer too.

Our services include:

  • Licensing and planning approval
  • Project design management
  • Cost estimating
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Management of bidding process (Program management)
  • Construction management
  • Construction supervision
  • QA/QC Management
  • Technical compliance - litigation auditing
  • Technical witness report
  • Independent engineering - Arbitration

Contact Information

11, 2nd Merarchias, Piraeus 18535 Greece T: +30 210 4585 512 M: +30 6983 498 240 F: +30 210 4585 430 E:


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