The priority of keeping pavement areas safe and available under all conditions requires information on pavement conditions that is accurate and timely. Managing the maintenance requirements of the airside pavements must be balanced with the operational requirements to ensure that pavement investments are protected to provide long term stability and safety.
This is the basis of pro-active pavement management: to take good decisions on measures to improve the pavement quality and optimize the maintenance cost.

In general, it makes good economic sense to keep a pavement structure in good condition, as the cost for light maintenance is far less than the cost of pavement rehabilitation or reconstruction. It is easier and cheaper to repair the pavement surface in time, so that damage of the pavement structure is avoided. Maintaining a pavement too early or too often can be expensive, but maintaining it too late can be even more expensive.

The key economic benefits of the implementation of a pavement management system are the followings:

  • Optimisation of pavement Maintenance and Rehabilitation (M&R) funding allocation
  • Minimisation of pavement M&R life-cycle costs
  • Justification of pavement M&R funding needs

Airport-ACE is capable to provide the methods, Pavement Management Systems (PMS) and consultancy to the airports in order to find the right balance. The amounts of money that can be saved by improving the pavement quality and optimizing the maintenance spending can be very significant.

Airport-ACE's engineers have expertise and experience in implementing and updating airport pavement management systems (APMS). We strive to implement practical, sustainable systems that serve as effective decision-making tools.

Our services include:

  • Pavement modelling and design
  • Pavement maintenance profiling
  • Pavement rehabilitation design (short, medium and long term)
  • Development of Airport Pavement Management System (APMS)

What We Do

Airport ACE brings a wealth of expertise and experience in the aviation development industry to help clients assess their facility needs, optimise their operation and manage their development, in order to achieve efficiency, safety and sustainability.

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