ICAO provides an extensive -though not obligatory for the moment- set of compliance criteria towards Certification of national or international aerodromes. The respective Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPS), in reference to the Aerodrome Design and Operations, are defined into Annex 14, Parts I and II and their relative instructional documents, such as Doc 9157, Doc 9137, Doc 9184 and Doc 9774 (Manual on Certification of Aerodromes).

According to the ICAO certification procedure, the CAA is the main actor that verifies compliance to the applicable requirements (e.g. through inspections). Airport-ACE is able to support airports in their effort to comply with ICAO standards and recommended practices. The service and advice offered include:

    • General Aerodrome Information Assessment (Reference Code, Airport Design checklist evaluation, operational and traffic data, listing of ''open to public use'' airports, certification status, license contents, state and airport AIP, drawings, etc.)
    • Application of ICAO Annex 14 standards and recommended practices and compliance inspections, according to scope of Aerodrome's Certification (certification of aerodromes used for international operations, certification of aerodromes open to public use, etc)
    • Certification of the Aerodrome and its status interpretation (e.g. mandatory certification for Aerodromes receiving commercial traffic)
    • CAA Licensing of the Aerodrome to define the process towards its conformity to national rules, including economic, environmental, planning or commercial standards),
    • Differences to the Annex 14 SARPS already reported by the Aerodrome authorities
    • Differences to the Annex 14 SARPS not reported by the Aerodrome authorities and mitigated or tolerated by the State CAA
    • Impact on safety and interoperability of the non identified lack of conformities
    • Aerodrome Manual assessment, inspection of aerodrome operational services, equipment and installations (e.g. ARFF, emergency plans, disabled aircraft removal, surface movement guidance management system, fencing and security lighting, etc.)
    • Evaluation of the Aerodrome's Safety Management System in accordance with ICAO Annex 14 Standards either limited to the aerodrome operator, the services' providers or third-party contractors (refueling, aircraft ground services, aircraft maintenance and overhaul, etc.)
    • Management system for aerodrome maintenance
    • Security of the Aerodrome

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Contact Information

11, 2nd Merarchias, Piraeus 18535 Greece T: +30 210 4585 512 M: +30 6983 498 240 F: +30 210 4585 430 E: info@airport-ace.com


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